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Economic and Societal Benefits of Eco-Friendly Computer Disposal Practices

July 4th, 2021

Redundant IT equipments are a major concern of the business owners around the world. Business owners find it way difficult to dispose of these uncalled-for office equipments. European and international computer disposal rules and regulations have grown stringent like never before. The newer mandates have restricted improper disposal of computer parts and peripherals to a great extent. Unfortunately, the IT disposal practices are largely influenced by these laws only. Not many business owners guesstimate the economic and societal benefits of eco-friendly disposal. Their actions are largely guided and restricted by the existing laws. Here below is a brief summary of other good reasons for eco-friendly electronic and electric equipment disposal.

Economic value

Newer and smarter PCs and Smartphone products are coming up almost every day to replace their elder cousins. Studies have shown that an average user uses a laptop for three years and a mobile phone no more than 24 months. However, most of us forget about the workability of the older machines in the frenzy of buying newer gizmos. The truth is that many of those so-called ‘out-of-order’ machines can be repaired easily and can be reused as well. There is a huge for-profit market that accepts these used materials and resell these in countries where the production rate of electrical and electronic equipments is comparatively lower than the countries in Europe and North America. There are manufacturers as well who encourage consumers in computer recycling. You can get a hefty price for a product if it hasn’t reached its end-of-life. So the economic value cannot be ignored at all.

Conservation of resources

Many computer disposal agencies espouse IT equipment recycling as a process to conserve resources. Some of the equipments contain extremely useful elements such as mercury and lead. These elements can be reused in various industries whereas, on the contrary, if these elements are dumped in landfill areas, soil and groundwater can be contaminated immensely. Computer users around the world lack this awareness which is why regimented and proper e-waste management becomes a difficult task even in the most developed countries. There are e-recycling agencies that have tie-ups with companies from various industries and charitable orgs as well. These agencies simply dismantle these used computers and peripherals and entrust the useful and recyclable elements to various companies. This way, various useful resources are economized. Many children in less developed countries are endowed with these computers.


Both business and personal computer users oftentimes forget that the computers they dispose of with municipal waste contain private and confidential data. An ingenious hacker can easily haul out the data from a used computer and misuse it. This leads to identity theft, bank account hacking and many more consequences. Agencies that religiously follow the WEEE directives and other European IT disposal guidelines always advise their clients to wipe off data completely. Some even offer comprehensive data backup and destruction services.

Many computer users are completely incognizant of these benefits of safe and green disposal practices. They go for eco-friendly methods of disposal under legal browbeating. It is important to understand that the environment-friendly methods are prescribed by the competent authorities not for mere reasons, but for making a planet a safer and greener place to live.