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Cooking Rice Made Simple in an Electrical Rice Cooker

May 4th, 2021

Rice has been a staple food for centuries by people from many countries across the world. This is either consumed as steamed food in the form of whole grains or been converted into breads and consumed. The steamed form is the most commonly cooked form consumed by about half the population around the world, especially in Asian continent. Traditionally rice cookers used to come with safety valves and whistles. The number of whistles blown communicates the user about the degree of cooking of the rice. With the electronic and electrical technological advancements, you can cook rice easily using the electrical rice cooker.

Steaming is done by heating the rice kept inside a vessel that also contains proportionate amount of water. Water heats up and boils inside the closed vessel forming part-steam and part hot water which is absorbed by the rice and this softens the grains and cooks them.

In earlier versions the excessive steam is released by the whistle that raises and lets out the excess steam in extreme pressure conditions.

In the current version of the electric rice cooker, there is a thermostat which does not allow the internal room temperature to rise beyond certain degrees to ensure the right ratio of steam, water vapor and water. This ensures safe cooking and avoids any over boiling of rice, which will spoil the whole meal, or exhaust water leading to charring of the bottom part of the vessels.

All you need to do is to place the right amount of rice and water inside the compartment in their respective locations and leave the rest to the cooker. It will do all the remaining work of cooking the rice into the palatable form.